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Below is a list, and brief description, of some of the dental services that we offer at Nordstrom Dental Centre. While the general procedures for each service are pretty standard, please keep in mind that treatment plans, and viable treatment options may vary based on specific patient needs. If you have any questions about our dental services, or would like to see Dr. Nordstrom for a consultation appointment to discuss treatment options, please call us to book an appointment.

New Patient Exam

Typically at your first visit to the clinic we will start by taking a detailed history of any medical/dental issues you have had, as well as assessing current dental concerns you may have. As part of our assessment, we will likely take some dental x-rays, or if you have had x-rays taken recently elsewhere we may request that copies be sent to our office. Dr. Nordstrom will do a thorough dental examination to check for cavities, oral cancer, and any other potential dental concerns. He will then take time to discuss his findings and potential treatment options with you.

Hygiene Services

Dental hygiene treatment (or dental cleaning) is performed by a Registered Dental Hygienist. At your first dental hygiene appointment, one of our hygienists will start by assessing your current oral health status which may include taking x-rays, gingival probing measurements, and charting existing wear on your teeth and gums. Treatment may include scaling, root planing, polishing, and fluoride treatment and your hygienist will provide you with oral hygiene instruction based on your individual needs. If it has been a long time since your last full cleaning, it is possible that we may not be able to finish all necessary hygiene treatment in one session. Your Dental Hygienist will discuss this with you at your appointment, as well as discussing the best frequency for you to return for your regular hygiene visits.


Crowns are used to restore badly broken teeth and/or to protect teeth that have had root canals from cracking or breaking. They may also be used to improve esthetics in some areas where other options are not available. Placement of a crown involves coming in for two appointments, usually about two weeks apart. At the initial appointment, the tooth to be crowned is prepared and a detailed putty impression is taken and sent to a laboratory specializing in dental prosthetics. We make and cement a custom temporary crown on the prepared tooth while the laboratory is fabricating the permanent crown. When the new crown is ready, you will return for your second appointment to have the permanent crown cemented in place. Minor adjustments to the crown may be made to make for a perfect fit at this appointment.

Root Canal

A root canal is sometimes necessary to treat teeth that have undergone trauma, have severe decay, or have a break or crack that extends deeper into the tooth. During a root canal procedure, the nerve tissue and blood supply in the tooth is removed and the empty canal is sealed to prevent bacterial infection. A filling is placed on the top of the tooth to complete the root canal. While doing a root canal will allow you to keep a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted, it does also result in a weakening of the tooth which can increase the risks of the tooth breaking or cracking down the road. It is therefore recommended that root canalled teeth are also crowned to help preserve the longevity of the tooth.

Sports Guards

A custom sports guard helps to protect teeth, cheeks and tongue from injury during sports and athletic activities. Sports guards can also offer some protection against concussions. At Nordstrom Dental Centre, we fabricate sports guards in-house so they are usually ready within 24 hours. We will start off by taking impressions of your teeth and then use these impressions to ensure a well-fitting appliance.

Specific Exam / Emergency Exam

This type of exam is conducted if you have a specific area of concern or pain. It is likely that we will take an x-ray of the affected area which Dr. Nordstrom will use to diagnose the problem. Treatment options will be discussed and steps taken to alleviate symptoms. Treatment may or may not be started immediately depending upon the situation.


Fillings are placed to repair a cavity or chipped tooth. Dr. Nordstrom uses both composite (white) fillings, and amalgam (silver) fillings. The material used depends upon the tooth affected, the location/size of the defect and patient preference. Generally white fillings are used in more esthetic areas. If you have a preference regarding filling material, please discuss it with Dr. Nordstrom at the beginning of the appointment.


Bridges are used primarily to replace missing teeth, restoring chewing function and esthetics where teeth have been lost. The procedure for a bridge is much the same as a crown, with two appointments necessary to fabricate and place the permanent bridge. At the bridge cementation appointment, we will also go over some instructions for cleaning around the bridge area, as regular flossing of a bridge is not possible.


Dr. Nordstrom does perform extractions in the event that a tooth needs to be removed. He has experience removing intact and badly broken-down teeth, as well as simple wisdom teeth.

Tooth Whitening

Our whitening system provides you with custom fitted trays that allow you to bleach your teeth at home when it’s most convenient for you. We will take an impression of your teeth and fabricate the clear plastic trays (which you can keep for future touch-ups if needed). One of our Dental Assistants will demonstrate proper use of the trays and provide you with syringes of our gel bleaching solution.

Night Guards

Many people have a tendency to clench or grind their teeth aggressively during sleep. This can result in jaw pain or clicking, excessive wear on the teeth, and in some cases breaking or cracking of teeth. If you are experiencing symptoms of grinding or clenching at night time, there is something that can be done. A night guard or splint is a hard plastic appliance that you wear over your teeth to help reduce the effects, and often stop you from chomping down while you sleep. This type of appliance is custom fitted to your mouth and can be made to fit over the upper or lower teeth.