Specific Exam / Emergency Exam

Includes an exam and X-rays focused on one area of the mouth that is hurting, or that the client has a specific concern about (i.e. wisdom teeth). Treatment and/or pain control will usually be provided on the day of the appointment.


New Patient Exam

Includes a full mouth examination for cavities, X-rays, Panoramic X-ray, and oral cancer screening. Options to rebuild broken teeth, replace missing teeth, and improve esthetics will be discussed.

Dr. Nordstrom worked at the Aucoin Dental office for 2 years practicing general dentistry where he gained invaluable experience from the wonderful mentorship of Blaine and Trudy Aucoin. Dr. Nordstrom purchased the Hinton Valley Dental clinic from Dr. Nada Marshall in the summer of 2014. During his time in Hinton Dr. Nordstrom met his fiancée, Marina Johnson, who is now the hygienist at Nordstrom Dental Centre. Together they enjoy the outdoor aspects of life in Hinton, including hiking, canoeing, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and camping. Dr. Nordstrom would like to thank the community of Hinton for being so kind and welcoming to him.